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Jul. 5th, 2009 @ 07:21 pm Gadget Hovel sucks
An elderly but surly woman forced my hapless co-worker to hook up each and every one of the clock radios in turn today. She kept insisting that we find the local classical station and test the radio/alarm functions. They were playing a rather long piece by Vivaldi during this rigorous examination period.

With each one, she would listing for a while and then haughtily announce "it doesn't speak to me", and, with a dismissive and curt motion, she would strike it from further consideration and demand to hear the next one.

I became unhappily involved when the co-worker could not figure out the settings on a Sony DreamMachine. She banished the radio, looked down her nose at me and announced "it doesn't speak to me", to which I replied in utter dead-pan "Of course not, ma'am, this is an instrumental piece". To say that she was less than amused would be a dramatic understatment.
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